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What is JobPrep?

JobPrep is the brainchild of Dr. Jorge Mata Torres, Ph.D.,
a professor at world-class universities with over 15 years work experience in the corporate world handling Fortune 500 companies and academia among the finest universities in the world.  It was designed as a multi-faceted course for university students that would provide them an insight to what the future economic environment will be like, how it may affect the career choices they have chosen or not decided on, and how to best prepare for them. JobPrep is a hard-hitting reality check ideal for high school and college students who have never had someone guide or teach them about finding the right career or preparing them for the rude awakening of the difficulties of getting employed after graduation.





“Dr. Mata Torres is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had to prepare me for employment after I graduate.”
                                  Zhou Fang,


"Dr. Mata' Torres' JOBPREP course taught me what to expect from the economy when I graduate, how to prepare my resume, cover letter and even how to handle tough job interview questions. I recommend this course for everyone !"
                                           Chen Ke,


            Get Ready Today
         For Your Tomorrow!

Well before you graduate, you should know full well what to expect before entering the job market and how to best prepare for it.

With over 20 years of professional experience in the corporate world managing accounts for Fortune 500 companies and academic experience teaching at top-level universities in America and China, Dr. Mata Torres prepares his students with a hard-hitting reality check of what the economy will be like when they graduate, insight to the best jobs available according to their personal skill set and how to best prepare for them from resume letters to the job interview.


You name it and we can provide it. From personal one-on-one consultation, seminars, workshops to university-setting semester-long courses, Dr. Mata Torres can assist you.  See "Courses" page.

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